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What is Bio- Hazard Fogging?

Bio-Hazard fogging is an ultra-low volume (ULV) method that is used to disperse micro-droplets of a specialist disinfectant agent to eradicate both airborne and surface-based bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms. These are expelled into the air by adding an electric charge to the liquid droplets. These then spread throughout the area for a period after application. This process ensures that all the nooks and crannies which are tough to reach or usually wouldn't be cleaned, can be reached. The chemical works by binding, penetrating and immobilising the cells so that they cannot replicate, rendering them harmless and leaving surfaces disinfected and safe to use.

What are the benefits of bio-hazard fogging and why is it so effective?

  • It uses minuscule drops of specific disinfectant (depending on the hazard itself)

  • ULV fogging technology is particularly effective at tackling viral infections like COVID-19. Traditional cleaning method, such as wiping down surfaces with clothes, only partially remove viral contamination & can also act to spread it.

  • The droplets can reach almost anywhere (on top, underneath, on the side, inside)objects, where our usual cleaning methods may be unable to reach.

  • It bonds to all surfaces to form an invisible anti-microbial barrier that leaves no tacky residue, it forms a 'barb' like structure which disrupts the cell membrane of harmful micro-organisms, meaning bacteria, viruses & fungi are quickly destroyed & any that may be in the air will be unable to & kills don contact.

  • It's quick and allows us to cover large areas in minimal time- meaning minimal disruption for you and/or your business.

  • We can issues certificates to confirm that you have had treatment carried to put our housekeepers and your guests mind at rest.

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